We've unlocked our second stretch goal: Rook & Wren's poly route!

Please enjoy this sneak peek at the exclusive digital art print every backer will receive!

We also unlocked MORE ART!!! Which means the Twin Coves ROs will have more CGs for you to enjoy. And perhaps some other cool features as well.

And we hit 600 backers! Which is a very impressive number. I wonder if we can hit 666 😈

Next up: Second Poly Route! Can't choose between Eli and Damián? Well, maybe you won't have to! We're less than $900 away from unlocking the next goal. Very doable in the time we have left.

And we're only about $6,000 away from unlocking the Epilogue DLC! The Epilogue will be a smaller game separate from the main game and will be about 2 to 3 hours long. A cute little mini mystery. A lot of romantic moments. Perhaps a ring will be involved, if you're into that sort of thing. Things will get a little steamy... with an optional 18+ version, perhaps? (Which is why it'll be separate, so it won't effect the main game's rating.)

P.S. I think by now everyone knows that the "More Waffle Flavors" stretch goal was just a joke. But there might be a secret stretch goal to be revealed if we get to $33K... Let's see if we can hit $40k, shall we? 👀

Though, if we DO hit $50k, I'll give you all the waffle flavors you want! 

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