Epilogue DLC UNLOCKED!!! Plus $40k Stretch Goal Reveal!

The Epilogue DLC has been unlocked!!!

We were almost exactly $1000 away from unlocking the Epilogue DLC as of this morning. Then a mysterious benefactor swooped in and unlocked it for us! Thank you very much, mysterious benefactor! I thought I was hallucinating at first when I saw that new pledge pop up.

Now that the epilogue is a go (hurray!)… Time to reveal the title!

Trouble in Paradise is the epilogue for Twin Coves. After solving the case, saving the day, and falling in love, Morgan and their love interest(s) deserve a getaway to a tropical paradise. Especially after such a long, cold winter in Twin Coves.

They settle in for a week of rest and relaxation (and romance), but trouble seems to follow them wherever they go, and soon they're pulled into a small mystery at the island's hotel.

Sure hope this new case won't interfere with any plans! Plans involving rings, if you're into that sort of thing...💍

The Epilogue DLC will have a 2 - 3 hour playtime, its own CGs, and optional 18+ content!

The DLC is free for all backers at the $60 (or $55 Early Bird) Tier and up, but!!! for every $750 over $33,000, the Epilogue DLC will be free for a new tier!

$33,750 - DLC is free for $45 backers and up!

$34, 500 - DLC is free for $30 backers and up!

$35,250 - DLC is free for $25 backers and up!

$36,000 - DLC is free for $20 backers and up!

I also think now’s a good time to reveal the $40k stretch goal! After consulting with some of my patrons, we decided what we needed was some pure domestic fluff.

If we reach $40k, a second DLC will be made! The Date Night DLC takes place after the main game, but before the epilogue. But unlike the epilogue, this DLC will have a completely unique story for each romance option. Since every game level backer will get the Epilogue DLC for free if we hit $36k, Date Night will only be free for $60 (or $55) tier backers and up.

Understandably, catching a murderer doesn’t leave much time for dating. After saving the day, Morgan and their now boyfriend(s) realize they’re in love but have never actually been on a real date! So the romance options take it upon themselves and surprise Morgan with a very special evening.

Will you join Lir for a night surfing lesson? Or perhaps let Azriel take you to the Festival of Lights, an important pixie celebration? Maybe breaking into a lighthouse with Cassidy for a picnic under the stars is more your style…

I wonder what the other dates will be…There’s 9 days to find out!

Kickstarter ends at 11:59 am on October 31st! Check it out here!

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